What does MANAGING energy mean?

Managing your energy means adjusting energy consumption to your needs, acting from the people, through the processes and ending at the facilities.

At Beon we help our clients by turning energy management into a comprehensive project involving all areas of the company. We apply valid solutions that allow us to optimize energy management; We work on processes, employees, suppliers and clients.

We are a young company that was born with the desire to convert the energy area of ​​any company into a sustainable area that is optimized according to the needs of each process or service. We work rigorously in all links of the technical and management chain, combining energy criteria and converting the company culture.

Since our beginnings, we have worked to provide a personalized response to any type of client, regardless of their size or location.


How do we do it?

Analysis of contracts:

  • We adjust your rate

  • Power adjustment

  • Price positioning

  • Reactive consumption elimination


Study of routines

On/Off Control : Occupancy
Machines Start Ups : Eliminate peaks
Energy demand management

Energy Audit

Acording to UNE 216501
Identification of key parameters

Analysis of proposals

Impact Study
Study of associated investments

Action Plan

Measure implementation plan
Verification of consumption reduction